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New Year fitness resolutions.

Happy New year! 

We hope you all had a great festive break, as we are headding into January many of us are working on our new year fitness resolutions. Here's a few tips to help ahcieve your goals and keep the momentum going throught the year…

Start realistically

A great start to a realistic resolution is to make sure you are physically and mentally ready to start. If you have not been used to physical activiy or have any mental heath issue is a great idea to consult your Doctor before you begin.

Once you have to go-ahead it's key to be realistic about the fitness routine you aar egoing to under take.

Questions and plan

It good to have a plan inplace, speaking to a personal trainer may be a good starting point, if not it is worthing writing down what you want to achieve and anser questions such as:

  • Schedule when can you fit in a routine
  • Frequence and duration are also important, shceduling long routines everyday may be unrealistic
  • What type of exercies?
  • Exercies in group or with friends cna be a great help

Time and schedule

You need to be realistic and find the right time to exercies, plan how the routine can fit around your lifestyle and comitments.

If you are not a 'morning person' you may find it hard to get energised, so a lunchtime or early evening routine could better suit you.

You also need think about a realistic frequency, every day could be be unrealistic for new comers. Too frequent, perhaps once a week, you may find you loose momentium. Two to three times a week is a great starting point, however it should be realistic for you and work with you schedules and current fitness levels (again consult your doctor first).

Duration is also important, an hour class may be too much to start with. Did you know, a 10 minitue routine a fantastic starting point which you can easily increase overtime.

Type of exercise

Choosing an exercise that you are going to enjoy is key. It is going to be far easier to stick with something you enjoy.

Do you have previous experience with this type of exercies, if not, you may want to consider joining friends or a class to ensure you undestand the routine, the importance of warming up, stretching and warming down.

While group activities may seem daunting to some, the group comodary and encouragemnt could be just what you need. You may alos be suprised by the range of ages and abilities of people in the group.

If you are not confident with your ability? Starting at home with videos could be a good start, but be sure to warm up and stretch correctly! There are plenty of examples on sites such as YouTube.


We hope this give you a few helpfull pointer to get start the year well, if you have any thoughts or comments please leave in the comments below.

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