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Fat Gripz fitness and strength training tool helping strengthen your fore-arms and wrists.

Fat Gripz are an amazing new training tool which is already being used around the world to blast weak, small arms to new levels of size and strength.

How Do Fat Gripz Work?

Fat Gripz are an amazing training tool that simply slides over almost any standard barbell, dumbbell, chin up bar or cable attachment, or exercise machine handle instantly converting them into thick bars.

Why a thicker training bar?

They help strengthen your fore-arms and wrists while you preform your usual workouts!

Using Fat Gripz is like using a thick bar for all of your training… except they’re portable, they fit on almost any weights, they’re light, they’re affordable and train your arms at all angles without any extra exercises or reps!

Can Something So Simple Work So Well?

The funny thing is that a lot of people seem to think that things have to be complicated to work well for building muscle.

In fact, the opposite is true… simple almost always works better. Fat Gripz are so damn simple! The brilliance is in the design which is completely unique and protected by law all over the world.

You simply open them up and put them over the barbell, dumbbell or whatever you are working out with and then work out as you normally would.

Just put them on the handle of what you’re using and off you go.

What’s amazing is that even the first time you use them you will feel them working.

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